Coaching 4 Thriving

with Melinda Dewey, BCC
Bring your ease, passion, joy and gifts to the world.
THRIVING:  Growing well, strongly, vigorously. Prospering, blooming, advancing, succeeding.


Welcome!  I’m Melinda Dewey,

Life, Breath and Resilience Coach.

Coaching for living and thriving from the heart of who you truly are.


ARE YOU . . . 

Feeling stressed, impatient with yourself or others? Want more ease, fun & fulfillment in life?
Are you caring, responsible … a good person, with respectable standards for yourself,  your relationships and what you do?

But  “To-Do”s and responsibilities seem to get in the way of relaxing and really enjoying yourself and the people and things you used to love.   There’s less patience with yourself, with loved ones, other workers, other drivers, projects, opinions, technology,  (“Ugh! – I can’t believe they (or I) did or said that!”)

You may have tried to speed up, hurry up, or push harder to get more things done, hoping to eventually get caught up or find time to relax. (That can be  exhausting, like a human hamster wheel.)  Maybe you worry that if you step off, or even worse fall off that hamster wheel, what you worked so hard for might fall off too.

Good news – we can change your fuel source and get much better mileage for your efforts.

Facing or navigating a challenge or pivotal change in your personal or professional life?
A stressful situation, relationship, decision or a big change can trigger tension, inner or outer conflict and less clarity about the future.  Past patterns may arise. The path under, around or through the situation may not be known yet.  Self-compassion and neutrality are essential for this path.

Meeting the challenge or change may require you to courageously step out of a familiar old comfort zone because it is no longer optimal or aligned with the heart of who you are.

Like embarking on an expedition, it is wise to build strength and resilience for and during the journey. Embark well-equipped with proven tools for meeting unexpected challenges, changing elements, terrain and direction, while maintaining your course and resilience.  Having tools and a seasoned coach with you on the journey can make a big difference.

Ready to step up to more awareness, resilience & consistent access to ease, purpose & thriving?
Has your inner work already given you more awareness, well-being, effectiveness and resilience in your inner and outer life and relationships?  Do you highly value your coherence, authenticity and attitude?

But you find that sometimes reactivity,  energy dips or distractions can still interrupt or hijack your coherence, inner calm and knowing/trusting yourself.  Are you ready for more consistent access to ease, flow, aliveness, playfulness and success?

Let’s reinforce that heart/brain connection to your heart intelligence and inner knowing, as fuel to build your awareness, presence, coherence and resilience.

Let’s go for what is precious, fulfilling and inspiring to and about you, using your unique heart presence and talents for making a difference in your world and THE world.



  • People are naturally wired to resist what isn’t familiar.  So considering positive change can generate a stress response, experienced as physical tension, impatience, irritation, worried, resentful, or disappointed to name a few. 
  • Stress responses can impact our thinking, clarity, decision-making, certainty, mood, energy level and momentum.


We can learn to shift our attention, breath and heart rhythms to positively shift our stress response physiology, perspectives and choices, allowing more ease and effectiveness for living in alignment with the heart of who you are.

Enjoy this short video about the HeartMath® System for accessing and maintaining that optimal state.



  •  Improve management of stress responses, drains, trauma, old patterns.
  • Build ease, focus, resilience and fulfillment as you set and sustain your course for thriving.

We can’t do the same things the same way and expect different results.

That’s why we introduce easy-to-use tools that, with practice, are proven effective in rebalancing our response to stress, challenge, change and opportunity.   Reducing mental and emotional “static” and energy drains from stress brings improved mental and emotional clarity, ease and energy levels for making positive change.  Our heart intelligence becomes more accessible for our self-care and  the people and core values that we love.

Each of us is unique, as is our approach and services for each person, based on first understanding your unique intentions, goals and needs.

We invite you to reach out for a conversation or free consultation.

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