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 HeartMath  and Group Breathing below



 Saturday, July 20th –   9am – 11:30am

This will be an online video conferencing meeting, where we can all interact in this virtual shared experience and heart deepening.

At least 24 hours before class you will receive an email which will include –

* A printable summary of the slides, so you’ll have a handy place to make notes too.

* Worksheet handouts to print and use during our workshop. 

*  A link to attend the Zoom conference on your computer 


* I will send you the Zoom link the day before class. 

* If you have not used zoom before, when you click on the Zoom link, it will prompt you to download the app and enter the name you want us to see under your video.  For easier viewing of the slides and the other participants, I recommend using a computer or large tablet instead of a small mobile phone screen.  If you do not have a computer webcamera, you will still be able to see the slides, we will be able to hear you, but we will see your name, not your face.   

*  We will be dialing in 5 minutes early, at 8:55 am to do a sound and visual check and go over the Zoom viewing and Chat features and answer questions so you can relax, enjoy and get the most out of the workshop.  If you are concerned about your technology, we can schedule a private test ahead of time. 





Monday, July 22 – 6:45 to 8:45pm


This Group Breathing is for those who have previously experienced the Transformational Breath breathing modality.

If this method is new to you will need to first attend a 20-minute orientation or receive a private breathing session.

The address is 493 East 19th Street,

#B – the house in the back, Costa Mesa, CA. 


There is one guest space in the alley, next to the house, between the telephone pole and white screen door. 

If that is full, please park on Flower Street, near Irvine Ave.  (Google 493 Flower St for directions) 

Then take the Irvine Avenue sidewalk around the house on the corner of Flower and Irvine, turn left into the alley between Flower and 19th Streets

and enter through the white screen door, the second house on your right from Irvine Avenue.


*  A closed water bottle, something soft to lay on top of carpet (yoga mat, towel, blanket) and  2 pillows.

*  An intention of what you would like to breathe in more of into your life and your session.


Call or text 949 922-5681

Your facilitator Melinda Dewey has been a Transformational Breath® Facilitator/Trainer for over 17 years.

She is also a certified Life Coach and HeartMath® Coach/Trainer and has been a full-time body/mind wellness professional for 30 years following a successful business career.


  Saturday, September 29th, 2018



Morning 10:40am – 1:15pm or Afternoon 2:15 – 4:45pm  

Registration below.


Blue Heron Portal Studio, 3337 Laguna Canyon Rd  #A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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Dharam Avtar Kaur (Marbella Mondoca)  – Sound Healing Bath


Melinda Dewey and the Transformational Breath Facilitator Team  >

Experience the combined power of


1+ Hour Facilitated Transformational Breath® Session

 *  Open to a more flowing, full, connected, and diaphragmatic breath and health benefits.

*  Quiet the mind. Free up your potential. Clear old restrictive patterns

*  Be more present and in touch with heart, soul and what matters most to you.


2 Hour Sound Healing – Bringing Resonant Harmony to Life

 * Bathe your cells and being in the pure frequencies of Planetary Gongs and Crystal Bowls

*  Invite the harmonic resonance to clear density in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies,

and assist you in connecting to your deeper self and Spirit.

 Paid by 9/28 = $63.     At the door 9/29 = $68      WE HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE.       Save $5 if you bring a friend.   

On Saturday 9/29/18 you can pay at the event by Check, Cash, Card or PayPal. Questions? 949 922-5681


Paid by Friday 9/28 = $63.00

Bring a friend and save $5.

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Paid by Friday 9/28 = $63

Bring a friend, save $5

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NOTE: ARRIVE 10 minutes early to park (don’t park on the other side of Raquel Rd or any private property) get settled, and use the restroom before we start.  BRING – A snack, yoga or narrow exercise mat or towel to lie on, 4 pillows, water bottle, pen/pencil and paper/journal.  WEAR comfy attire for easy movement.    EATING – Avoiding over-eating or skimping before a session – It takes energy to process energy 🙂

Marbella has been studying and performing with the Planetary Gongs for over eight years with the Gong Avatar Academy. She approaches the world as a vibratory experience.

She is also trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher through 3HO/Yoga Alliance.

Marbella can be reached at

Melinda, a Transformational Breath® Facilitator/Trainer for over 17 years is also a certified Life Coach and HeartMath® Coach/Trainer and has been a full-time body/mind wellness professional since 1989 following a successful business career.

We are delighted to have a seasoned team of certified Transformational Breath Facilitators to facilitate your breathing experience, including  Jessica Leaf, Peggy Misra and Marwa AlQenaei.