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Can I pick just one modality, like Breathwork, HeartMath Resilience or Life Coaching?

Absolutely!!  It’s your choice.  If you aren’t sure which modality might be the best fit for you, we should start with clarify your goals and intentions and best style of growing and learning.  Let’s set up a complimentary consultation for you.

What is a Complimentary Consultation like?

Usually by appointment, we meet via phone or video from your computer or mobile device  (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) for a present amount of time to explore your deeper intentions and goals, your natural growth and learning style, and explore resources and service that might be the best fits for you, even if I do not offer those resources.   This is time for you, not a sales call.  🙂


Is there a number to call or text?

949 922-5681  No sales calls, please.

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, During this time of COVID-19 virus disruption we are offering regular no-charge coherence and resilience-building group calls, for our collective and planetary benefit.   That is my calling and my reward is seeing others join in that purpose!  

And, several participants have asked if and how they could contribute because of the value they have received.  So …. OK. Here’s a Donate button if you want.   No payment is expected, and any amount will be received with gratitude.