These services are customized to meet your unique situation, intentions, learning style, location and needs.

So please reach out for a conversation or consultation to explore what might best serve you.



Life Coaching brings compassionate clarity to where you are, where you want to be and collaborates in creating a path with tools, skills, inquiry and accountability and coaching to support you on that journey.  HeartMath skills are often recommended for improved access to reliable inner guidance and enhanced performance while navigating and sustaining change.

1:1 Sessions and seasonal group workshops are available.



The easy-to-learn HeartMath system of tools are proven effective in managing stress, emotions and change, while boosting physical, mental and emotional well-being, decision making, performance,  and creativity. Heart coherence  enhances personal and work relationships and self-care and builds resilience.

1:1 Sessions and group workshops are available.  For organization trainings go to: 



Coached conscious breathing for an hour facilitates a more full, connected and diaphragmatic breath, which clears the body and mind of stuck or restrictive patterns in our breath and life, and has many health benefits.  Clients report a release of tension/stress,  feeling renewed and more balanced, open and  aligned with their heart and soul and what matters most to them.

1:1 Sessions or group sessions are available, and in some of our retreats and as a module for other retreat-organizers.


We hold our own retreats – join our mailing list to be notified.

And our team also offers  custom modules for retreat organizers, who can choose from a menu of:  HeartMath uses (stress, intuition, performance, sleep, emotions, communication), Breathwork (individual or group), Movement, and or Sound (sound bath, chanting, kirtan group).

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